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Rural Gold Energy Pvt Ltd is concentrating on harnessing bio-energy by commissioning 20-25 cubic metre capacity digesters at the dairies and livestock farmers having minimum of 30-40 cows. We install flexi digesters at dairies around the countries with feed hopper with mixing arrangement, slurry storage tank and gas holder.
We have done extensive research on various stages of biogas generation like feeding, seeding, stirring, agitation,dilution ratio and gas collection. There are certain materials and media which can acceleration the rate of fermentation in anaerobic conditions, which directly affects the pace of gas production. We are utilizing this experience to enhance the gas production.
We are committed for production of clean and green energy for sustainable growth.So, we concentrate on both Quality and Quantity of gas produced. In order to achieve the above requirements, Weare using specially fabricated filtration unit which filters raw biogas to extract Methane from other trash gases like carbon dioxide, Hydrogen sulphide, Nitrogen, Oxygen etc. Our filtration unit has the filtration efficiency up to 95%, which is the correct requirement for clean and green fuel.
After this, Processed gas is compressed up to 200 bar and filled into cylinder and supplied to various gas companies like IOCL, BPCL etc.